Awards to be presented at 3:30 p.m.

Industry Awards

Boeing Engineering Excellence Award

Criteria: The Boeing Engineering Excellence Award will distinguish a project team that delivers a robust and innovative solution with a clear focus on enabling potential customers to excel in their markets and missions.  The winning team will demonstrate that their project meets the highest technical and quality standards, and that in developing their project the team members exhibited the highest standards of safety, honesty, integrity, and environmental stewardship.  Look for the Boeing judges in blue Boeing shirts and celebrate Engineering Excellence!

CH2M Multidisciplinary Collaboration Award

Criteria: Complex projects rarely exist within a single technical field. Collaboration between technical specialists is necessary to meet client needs and design criteria. Quality begins with a defined design development process. CH2M will award the Multidisciplinary Collaboration Award to a project team that clearly demonstrates proactive planning and collaboration with others at key points throughout project execution. The impact of the collaboration should be to produce an innovative final product which returns high value to the project sponsor/client or to overcome unique technical challenges. The selected team shall be prepared to describe the design process leading up to the final product, and the lessons learned along the way. CH2M judges will award $40 gift cards and a CH2M-branded gift to each member of the winning team

HP Innovation Award

Criteria: This honor will go to a team that has gone above and beyond in order to find an innovative solution. The winning team will also excel at presenting their results and have a strong focus on engineering rigor.  

Tektronix Commercialization Award

Criteria: The Tedtronix Commercialization Award will distinguish a project team that delivers a level of innovation and demonstrates the potential impact in the market.

People's Choice

During the event all attendees are encouraged to vote for the People’s Choice.

  • Votes will be collected through an online survey accessible through iPad voting stations at the information booths
  • Voting closes at 3:15 p.m. to allow tabulation time before the 3:30 p.m. awards presentation
  • One project from all expo participants will be selected as the People’s Choice