Poster submission guidelines
IMPORTANT All posters must be approved by your Senior Design/Captone Professors before submitting to Student Multimedia Services!
All posters must be submitted to Student Multimedia Services (SMS) located in the Valley Library. Submit posters online by April 29, 2020. You will not be charged for the printing of this poster. The College of Engineering will pick up the posters from SMS and will have it on display when you arrive at the Expo. If you need to print additional copies for other uses, you must submit, pay for (as applicable), and pick up separately.  If posters are not submitted by the deadline teams are responsible for printing costs through an alternate service provider.
Poster templates are designed to accommodate SMS printers. The college and SMS are working closely to ensure a smooth poster production process.
Common Questions when Submitting to SMS

  • Do I list a course number? If you are currently enrolled in an ENR course, please use that number (ex:EEC441)  If not, use the conference title: Engineering Expo 2020
  • Finished Poster Width & Height: 48"x36"
  • File Dimensions: The ppt templates are an exact match the final printed size
  • Lamination: These posters are not laminated
  • Ink Type: Standard
  • Paper Type: Standard
  • Mounting: Tri-fold - black

If you do not want your project photographed during conference, you must print out a NO PHOTOS PLEASE sign and display it in front of your poster.