This year's expo will have more than 800 undergraduate students showcasing more than 200 projects.  Getting accurate information about your team's needs is essential for a smooth set up.  Meet with your team and go over the EXPO SET UP QUESTIONS before submitting your registration on line. If your project is part of a team, your Team Captain (or one team member) is responsible for registering the team's project for expo.  Please do not register if you are not the Team Captain (or the selected team member) as it will cause your group project to have duplicate entries for expo. 

Each Team Captain/Coordinator is responsible for gathering a signed and completed OSU Model Release form from each team member and turning the complete set of forms for your team in to Covell 101 (office hours: 8 am to noon; 1 to 5 pm) by May 1, 2019; or you may scan and submit the forms for your team by email to

Register your team hereThe registration deadline is April 12, 2019.